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Online & Remote Services


Whether it's a downtown gig, a holiday recital, or a warehouse jam session, let the studio come to you! Capture the vibe and feel of your live performance the way only a professional recording can, and be proud to replay it for fans every chance you get. Contact the studio for more details.

$25 per hour

plus travel rates - click for details


So now that you've recorded your music, what are you going to do with what you've captured? Submit your tracks to StudioE519 and have them mixed for you. This is a perfect solution to tackle  problems like conflicting schedules, or distance to the studio. Or, maybe you're having trouble getting a "professional" mix nailed down, or just want to get back to actually writing music instead of trying to overcome the learning curve involved in mixing it. Regardless of your reasons, submitting your tracks is easy and they'll get the same treatment and attention they would as though they were recorded right here.


Your levels are set, your EQ's are done, and you've got some really sweet tones out of those compressors. Now you can sit back and relax now that your mix is finally done. Except, it's not. Send your stereo mix to the studio so the final "sweet" touches can be taken care of, and get back a mix tweaked to radio ready status. Special attention will be given to tonal balance, stereo width, and the dynamic range you aimed for during your mixing phase, while reaching levels that compete with commercially available tracks and in appropriate delivery formats.

$15 per title*


Vocal Tuning / Timing Correction

Does your track need a touch of  pitch correction? Maybe you're looking for the "auto-tune" effect. Or, maybe the timing needs a little tightening up and recording again just isn't an option. No matter the circumstances, the studio can help! Contact StudioE519 to discuss your needs and what you can expect.    

$30 per hour

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