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In-House Services


  An all wood dedicated tracking room promotes an intimate session between you and your music, while acoustic treatments help to capture the life and spirit of your recording. Proven techniques used in conjunction with the same tried and tested professional microphones used by artists from Snoop Dogg to Miscke Butler, tube pre-amps, and other analog equipment and interfaces begin the signal chain whether you prefer a "live" or multi-tracked recording format.

  From there, all tracks are recorded using the widely accepted industry standard bit depths and sampling rates through quality A/D/A converters allowing for clean, well represented sonic reproductions within the dynamic audio spectrum.

$15/$25 per hour


At the heart of the mixing process is an audio artist armed with the latest and most up to date industry standard DAW, Avid's "ProTools", as well as PreSonus' "Studio One Professional" and Cakewalk's "Sonar Platinum", both of which are quickly becoming "go-to's" by some of the industry's largest, Grammy-winning studios. With their arsenal of industry leading plug-ins, as well as an array of some of the most sought after and highly regarded after-market digital recreations of top compressors, reverbs, tape saturations, console emulators and other equipment, the freedom is yours to apply a touch of subtle, sonic color for character, or a psychedelic synth-trip for effect.


No mom would serve up Thanksgiving pumpkin pie without whip cream, and no recording is quite ready to be served to the fans without mastering. Now that we've got your tracks laid down and every instrument has the attention is deserves, it's time to make that music taste sweet by giving it the punch, width, clarity, and volume to compete with other commercially available tracks.

$10 per title*


Vocal Tuning / Timing Correction

Does your track need a touch of  pitch correction? Maybe you're looking for the "auto-tune" effect. Or, maybe the timing needs a little tightening up and recording again just isn't an option. No matter the circumstances, the studio can help! Contact StudioE519 to discuss your needs and what you can expect.    

$30 per hour

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