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The featured track for November is "My Two Cents", by 95 Behind. These guys were some true professionals that were an absolute blast to record, AND hang out with!


Class acts hailing from San Antonio, Texas, these fellas stopped in at StudioE519 for a two day recording session while making their way to their west coast tour. Thanks, gentlemen, for choosing StudioE519 to lay down your tracks. The final cut is going to be KILLER!

If you're looking to have your love of the (good) 90's vibe rekindled and refreshed, do yourself a favor and check these pro's out! Find them on Spotify, or their Facebook page, and rock out righteous.


"We want to thank Chris for his amazing work and for his hospitality during the making of our record! It was a blast and we can't wait to show everyone what we've been working on"

- 95 Behind

My pleasure, fellas! #fanforlife #95behi

"Wow Windows Of The Soul came out amazing with Bestowed Spirit....Thank you Christopher Aguilar..Can't wait to share it with you guys.."


- Paul Lugo (Bestowed Spirit)

Bestowed Spirit EP headed in an awesome

"After My first experience ever in a studio, Chris made the overall experience extremely comfortable and a true joy. If the final result is anything like the experience, I just can't wait. In Chris's own words, 'Man that was Cool ! ' "


- Joseph "Memphis Joe" Puspsta

Screenshot-2017-10-6 StudioE519 - Introd

"I love this studio Chris is a true pro he understands what it takes to make my vision stand out"

- Christopher "Wicked Device" Montano


"My first time ever in a recording studio. Awesome experience! Chris made everything as comfortable as possible, even on a 100+ degree day. Thrilled with the final product!"

- Matthew Burke

Screenshot-2017-10-5 (1) StudioE519 - Re
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