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So, now that you're set to immortalize your vision, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • When tracking time comes every band should be as rehearsed in their material as possible, as this will help ensure a smooth recording session. Any special needs, requests, comments or concerns are absoultey encouraged to be addressed prior to session day so your valuable time, and creative flow, can be captured as stress free as possible. Believe it or not, tension or a general uneasiness of any kind during tracking can actually affect the final outcome. Anything that can be done to make your time easier will be given full effort to become a reality.


  • Prepardness is also an important factor in the cost of your recording. Should it seem necessary to do any editing during the mixdown phase, MINOR editing will be done at no charge* (i.e., an unintended ghost snare hit, occassional "loose" timing issues, minor vibe tightness, etc.). However, should you and your mates decide that additional editing might be needed, it will incur additinoal charges at the posted rate (you of course will be contacted prior to give the go ahead). Editing can be very time consuming, so it is strongly advised to have the material prepared prior to tracking or, at the very least, have no hesitation in requesting multiple takes during tracking. *Any editing, repairs or additional tracking that comes as a result of anything reasonably expected to be within the control of StudioE519 is absolutely done at no additional charge.


  • Playing alongside a metronome is something that can be helpful to any musician, whether recording or not. Drummers especially may consider becoming familiar with playing to a metronome or click-track, as this is most likely the method that will be used during your tracking session. If you feel that it is unnecessary then by all means it can be left out. Usage of it however could help in avoiding any need or desire for costly editing down the road.


  • A typical session begins with a full band run through of each song. This recorded "scratch" track is for reference only. In a session with a typical band configuration drums will be recorded first, followed by bass, guitar (rhythm then leads), and the vocals. Of course, different configurations can necessitate changes to this typical work-flow, but this is a good order of events to keep in mind.


  • Recording time is billed in full hour increments only, but with 20 minute grace periods. In other words, if a recording session runs over the hour mark but is still within 20 minutes of it, then that extra time is not added into the total time recording. However, running over 20 minutes will incur the full hour charge. This is to allow for some creative freedom during the recording process for both the artists and mix engineer. Different recording techniques can have very different results. In addition, having the best possible recorded source can be even more important than the equipment used during the mixing phase. While the best guess says you won't mind capturing any "lightning in a bottle" for the sake of your music, it is not our intention or wishes to bill you while you learn the tune. It is best to be ready! Any considerable time taken due to anything reasonably within the Studio's control, studio equipment malfunction for instance, will not count towards your recording time.


  • Smoking is not allowed within the Studio, however a smoking receptacle is available outside in a covered garage. Keep this in mind during the hot summers and cold winters and dress accordingly, for your sake. Bearing that in mind, remember that any air conditioning or heating will be temporarily suspended during recording takes for the sake of clean recordings.


  • Every effort to return speedy and quality tracks will be made. Try and keep in mind, though, that the complexity of your project, and again, EDITING, could lengthen the turn-around. Just remember that it is a "per song" price and not by-the-hour, so every bit of care and handling is being given to your creation and vision, regardless of how long it is taking.


  • When the final mix-down is complete, you and your mates will have the choice of listening to it in the studio or having a sample made available to each of you through a cloud based service that will be provided for you. This will also include a sample of a mastered copy to help you decide if you'd like to continue with Studio E519 for mastering servies. If technical limitations exist, or internet is not availalbe to you, accomdations can be discussed. This is a perfect opportunity for you to make sure you get something you're proud to deliver to your fans, and for growth on the Studio's part. Word of mouth is vital to all of us, after all. So do not hesitate to address issues. Up to three revisions of each song title will be made.


  • Have fun! I can all but guarantee you that during this process you will have gained another fan. One who will not hesitate to push your music to every Facebook and Twitter feed, friend, client and/or anything else out there, well after our project is done. So let's make some music.

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